Dreadlocks Should Never be Dreaded…..

Locs are simply twisted and manicured ropes of hair.  That is it.  They are not dirty and unwashable.  Loc extensions can be added to give you a ready made look or a slow and patient look can be taken to get you to your ultimate loc destination.

  1. Dreadlocks Are Dirty and Unclean.  Locs are as unclean as the wearer.   It is still your own hair.  Washing dreadlocks means that you have to take a little extra care when drying but they can be washed as per usual.

Dreadlocks Cannot Be Styled

Locs can be put into the cutest updos.  Swept into high and low ponytails.  Barrel Braids can be done in any hair type.  Yes they can be styled! You are only limited by your imagination.

  1. Dreadlocks Can Only Be Removed by Cutting Them Off.   This is the easiest way to change up your hair if your time for locs are coming to an end.  Growing out your hair at the root base a few inches or longer before cutting will allow you to have a great look with your loose hair.  It is possible in some cases to detangle dreadlocs.  It is very time consuming and meticulous work, but allows most to retain some of their length that may have been gained from wearing locs.

Dreadlocs are like most things- they are a reflection of the unique style in all of us.

Because Membership Has Its


Locs Need Maintenance. That is why my affordable maintenance plans take the worry out of it.  All plans include washing services and maintence needs so that you can have a warrior set of Dreadlocs to be proud of.