The internet is buzzing with the news that Tristan Thompson has cheated on a very pregnant Kloe Kardashian, who is days away from giving birth.  Aside from this being the way of the world that they live in, I cannot help but truly wonder, who is very suprised at this?

Tristan is a young man who has a very hot career in the NBA.  Khloe is a media maven created and famous from the managerial prowess of her mother Kris Kardashian, who has orchastrated the Kardashian empire.

The family has become a well paid media circus that we all watch with equal amounts of facination and disdain. Many of us raised eyebrows when we saw Khloe and Tristan hook up in the first place.

In my eyes it was a weird match up- their age difference, Khloe being 33 and Tristan 27-means that he was basically still a man baby.  Knowing the Kardashian prowess for roping in popular black men, particularily athletes, them geting together was no big deal, but when Khloe turned up pregant? I definitely did a side eye.

3 Reasons Why This Was Destined To Be A Disaster

1. Manchild Syndrome. Tristan is a very successful young man in his twenties.  He has adoring fans who are willing to do whatever is needed to get beside him.  Young men in their 20’s naturally are full of testerone and have not had enough life experience yet to allow them a chance to know that slinging their penis at everything walking does not make them true men. , let alone add his level of success to the equation.

2. The Biology Trap. Khloe’s maternal clock was ticking.  Baby fever had set in and rightfully so. It is not unsual for a women in her 30s to really feel the push to want to nurture another soul. It is something that is simply wired in. However, the desire to have a baby can be so strong that it clouds our headspace. Biologically, we will instively look for the best and most virile man to copulate with. It increases our chances of having healthy and strong offsping.  That does not mean that being drawn to the strongest and the fittest male is going to produce a man that is going to be a loyal partner however. He may have great seed, but he may also have the need to share it around.

3. Past Behaviour: Past behavior is a good indicator of future behavior .Tristan has cheated before. In fact he cheated on his last baby mother with Khloe.  This should have been her first clue.  If he could leave his then pregnant girlfriend for you, what would make you think he would not do it to you?

This latest Kardashian saga is hot on the books, but it has a real human toll.  There are babies involved who will forever come up with their birth being scrutinized in a weird Hollywood bubble.  Not to mention if we were to touch on how their famous parents are influencing, pop culture and the moral fabric of how we are defining family, but I will choose to touch these issues on another day.