What Does Freedom Mean To You?

by | Sep 12, 2016 | Connections from the chair | 1 comment

Why Do I want to live the Freedom Lifestyle? Freedom can mean so many different things depending on your perspective.  Part of th my reason is because I have felt tied down for a long period of time.  A single mother at the age of 17, I have spent many of my years in service to my family.  While it has been rewarding, I am at a point in my life where I am very interested spend some time in service to myself and to spread my own wings and fly.

It may be a natural symptom of being a hairstylist, but I have discovered that I have a knack at making connections with people and making them feel at ease.  People like to tell me things, and I like to listen.  And laugh- or cry. depending on what is being shared.  It energizes me and I am always bouyed when I can offer a kind word or gesture that helps someone be in a better space and time.  I do believe that is what my purpose is and what allows me to feel free in mind and spirit.

What do you think gives us ultimate freedom?  Is there such a thing?  What would you do if you had no restrictions?  Leave a comment!