Braids Are Beautiful

Why The Braid
Maintenance Program?

Braids To Go

Why stress over your childs hair?

Quick and Easy

Simple hair styles that doesn’t require sitting too long

Looking Feels Good

Easy and quick styles that allow you and your child pain free mornings and confidence to face the day.

Blogging for Consistency

In my family birth order, I am a youngest child. If we go by that logic, it helps to speak to how undicplined I am. My biggest challenge is figuring out how to manage my time in a way that is productive for both my family and this business I am trying to propell. I...

Connections from the Chair

    I have been creating hairstyles since I was 6 years old.   My cousins and I used to have contests between us to see who was the better braider.  We would grab our various dolls and barbies and attack them furiously trying to create the best braid or...

KC Kids Braid Program

  • 2 washes
  • 2 braid styles