In my family birth order, I am a youngest child. If we go by that logic, it helps to speak to how undicplined I am.

My biggest challenge is figuring out how to manage my time in a way that is productive for both my family and this business I am trying to propell. I recognize how hard it is for me to focus on the task at hand.

My second challenge is to work through my innate fear of writing.    It took me a little while to pinpoint the moment that I gave up the power of my voice. There was an incident when I was 16 years old where my mother read my diary.  There was fallout and I my world was destroyed. I learned from that incident that my thoughts and words brought hurt and pain with them; so I silenced myself. The years passed, and I fell out of habit, and out of tune with myself.

Don’t get me wrong- I love to write!  I feel replenished after I have gotten my thoughts down in the tangible, and at one point I was actually decent at it.  It has been hard to stay away from it.

The key to conquering fear is to acknowledge it, and then do the thing/task anyway.  That is what Natalie Sissions 10 day blog challenge is about for me.  It is taking an opportunity to create a habit of writing.  To shake off the old fears and just do it.  This is my voice and my time to be heard.

What do you do to conquer your fears?  What strategies have you put in place to help you stop procrastinating?